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Witchtrap - The First Necromancy [2005]

Genres: Thrash Metal

1.Intro (Cry War)
2.The Maniac
4.Torment In Fire
5.Sorceress Bitch
6.Intro (Final Armageddon)
7.Black Like The Night 04:43
8.Born For Burning [Bathory Cover]
9.Total Sacrifice
10.Command Of Hate
11.Metal Mania
12.Intro (Pure Damnation)
13.Dark Lord
14.Ripping Torment
15.Dead Of The Night
16.Black Leather Metal Damnation
17.Gypsy Ritual
18.Face The Evil
19.Black Angel
20.Desecration Of Evil
21.Metal War

Track 20:

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Witchtrap - The First Necromancy [2005]

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