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Internal Suffering - Awakening Of The Rebel [2006]

Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal

1.Intro: Thelemite Forces Attack
2.Awakening of the Rebel (The Universe Shall Be Ours... Awake!)
3.Magnificent Uranus Power (The Dark Side of the Sun - Bringer of Knowledge)
4.Transfiguration of the Devotee (Reborn Within the Womb of Babylon)
5.Arrival of a New Aeon (New Equinox of the Gods)
6.Evocation of the Secret Gate (Crossing the Hidden Barrier... I Am Immortal!)
7.Masters of Sorcery (The Terrible Invokation ov Tzeentch!)
8.Ascension to Immortality (Apotheosis of Freedom)
9.Highest Key of the Illuminati (Liber Samekh)
10.Thelemic Conqueror (The Splendor of a New Law)

Track 3:

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Internal Suffering - Awakening Of The Rebel [2006]

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